Testimonials From Patients

Cancer Care


Madison Boutique:

I wanted to share my pleasant experiences every time I have traveled down to the After All Boutique in Madison.  I live in Hartford and it is so worth the ride. 

First I'd like to say how pleasantly surprised I was when I first walked into the boutique.  Not sure what I was expecting....but it took my breath away.  Already I felt beautiful! 

Then I met Ann.  She took away all of my anxieties regarding getting fitted and not even knowing what I wanted or needed.  Ann gave me this beautiful white robe to wear while she took my measurements and located what she thought would work best for me.  By the time I left there, I felt like Cinderella!!!!!

I've been back a few times.  Ann always makes me feel comfortable and knows what would work best for me.  This last time she had to order bras for me and had them sent up your Hartford store.  It was convenient.....but cannot compare to your boutique in Madison.

I would like to say THANK YOU for having such a wonderful shop for women like me.  I only wish I had known about your boutique at the time of my surgery.  Also, I'm sure you already know it....Ann is truly an asset for your store!


E. M.