dvtPRO is an iceless pneumatic compression system for your recovery from orthopedic surgery. dvtPRO helps you recover more quickly, with less pain and lower risks. The machine is available in two sizes depending on the severity of your surgery, XL (large) and LT (small). It's a solid-state (meaning iceless) temperature and compression system that uses electronics to provide a completely regulated treatment solution for pain management, local swelling, and blood-clot prevention. dvtPRO provides local joint compression, plus calf or foot compression for prevention of a DVT or a blood clot. 


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Is dvtPRO right for you?

All types of surgical patients can benefit if they have substantial pain, swelling, or DVT risk. Orthopedic patients receive the most direct benefits and are the most common users, specifically those undergoing total knee, hip, or shoulder reconstructions. All kinds of shoulder patients, rotator cuff repair, SLAP repair, etc. benefit from improved pain management. Spine, hip, and knee patients are often prescribed per blood clot risk metrics. Blood clots are a serious risk of surgery.  Pneumatic compression is clinically proven to lead to better outcomes for patients with blood clot risks.

Wrap Options

Wraps are available for the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back (not shown) and foot/ankle.