The Boxers™ Splint is a patented fracture brace designed for the treatment of acute and sub-acute fractures of the 4th and 5th metacarpal shaft and neck commonly known as the Boxers Fracture. It is constructed of a lightweight low-density shell with a soft foam liner and double face contact closure straps that include a web pad for comfort. The Boxers Splint™ comes in four sizes S,M,L,XL. It also comes in Standard and Extended length sizes. The Boxers™ Splint is the only off the shelf product that can be customized with a hair dryer by heating the shell and molding it to the fracture to afford better conformability and reimbursement. Thousands of the patented Boxers Splint™ have been sold and there is no other product that matches it.


G-Force Braces is a company that develops and distributes novel orthopedic bracing products for common orthopedic conditions. 


The Sleeper Brace is a patented post-operative shoulder brace designed for shoulder and arm immobilization following both arthroscopic and open shoulder surgeries. Its patented design allows for comfort and stability during both ambulation and sleep. During ambulation, the arm rests comfortably in the cut-out foam cradle; during sleep, the posterior cradle elevates the arm while moving it forward, relieving pressure on the operative site.