Marcus Simpson, Co-founder & CEO

Marcus is our smiling traffic director, ensuring smooth delivery of professional services and care among all aspects of Associated Medical products. Participating in people's lives and being of service is a lifetime calling. Marcus is a dreamer with core convictions to internal development, being present, and courage. Healthcare Innovation, cost-reduction, and quality of life: his sandbox. Born in Mexico, raised in CT and Chicago aboard a Hobie Cat sailing amidst Lake Michigan, his passion for healthcare technology was fueled by neuroscience reading as a youth and later honed at Dartmouth College & Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Marcus has co-founded several companies and brings know-how in healthcare finance, equipment sales, medical imaging, and bio/infowarfare emergency response. Marcus loves Eastern wisdom, yoga, mindfulness, and something along the lines of ‘growth.’  His work today in orthopedic recovery is directly aligned with the sense of pain as an equalizer among all people. To him, to treat either external or internal (emotional) pain brings us deeper into ourselves and often heals the rift of our illusions and suffering.  Marcus is inspired by (Technology Education Design), open source education (Kahn Academy, MIT, Lynda),, The Aspen Ideas Festival, WorldChanging, and similar online communities. He believes that interconnectedness is changing the fabric of our world and hopes to play a part.  Marcus can be found walking around the office with freeweights, cycling, hiking, and shooting photo/video throughout NYC and anywhere with a big sky view. His photo archive is available at for those looking for a diversion!