Testimonials From Patients



The use of this device significantly reduced my need for pain medication. I only took 3 pills (had surgery Thursday took pills Thursday night and Friday morning only). I had little to no swelling for a major meniscus tear. I am having right knee surgery next and will ask for this device again. I am 53 years old and 10 days later I am walking normally (but not yet running). –Louis F, Gales Ferry, CT

The dvtPRO system was very helpful during my recovery from knee surgery. It was great to not have to be bothered with ice cubes and constantly refilling the ice bags. The Velcro straps worked great in helping the injured area covered. It was almost impossible to keep the ice bag in the exact spot needed without it falling off. The only improvement to this machine would be to move the on/off switch tot eh front. Marcus Simpson was very kind and efficient in explaining the system. It was remarkable how he would follow up to see if I had any questions or any problem with the equipment. I have already recommended this product to others who would benefit from it. Lorre B. – Groton, CT

The machine used for my Leg helped a lot. There was less pain and it was pretty comfortable. There was no problem with the machine whatsoever, but there might be times when the patient cannot feel the machine working. It’s working; your leg is probably numb from the temperature. The compression section was relaxing. It was more like it massaged my leg. With re-filling the machine was very easy and not back to back, i re-filled it once when i was using it. It’s very easy to control. The patient will be able to get it right away. I do recommend this machine to other patients because it contributed a lot to my surgery and to lower my pain level. –Tanei W., New Haven, CT

Marcus your help was appreciated and very proactive that exceeded my expectations and overall improved recovery. This product was also very user friendly. My 16 yr old child could operate with ease. No mess that ice brings. I highly recommend the dvtPRO to everyone who may be in need and have actively promoted it since we have used it. Thank you! The sales rep and staff were great. -Michelle S., Ledyard, CT.

My experience with the dvtPRO cold compression device was a wonderful one. It helped me towards a speedy recovery without my needing to take much pain meds. I’ve already given it great reviews among my family and friends. You guys have a great device. Keep up the good work. - John W. H.,. New London, CT.

Marcus is an excellent representative for your company. The compression mode of your machine would be more effective if the shoulder cuff is more securely attached to the shoulder/chest. Already discussed with Marcus, thank you! -Francis H., Ledyard, CT.
Added Note: Francis, yes, we are instructing patients to fit the shoulder much more tightly and are working on redesigns that hold it more firmly in place.

It is great but need to put the power switch on top of the unit and hose ports on the side! Your service is a 10. -John Paul G., Waterford, CT.
Added Note: John, thanks for the diagram and engineering notes. We are working on these for the next redesign.

The rep was very helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment. As far as the machine goes, I don’t think that I would have made it without it. It was fabulous. I did not have to be on pain pills during the day and I only took 1 pill at night (and it was Vicadin). I didn’t need a strong narcotic (Percocet) to depend on. This machine was and is truly a definite need in the healing process of shoulder surgery. I wore it for 2 weeks after surgery. If you have further questions please feel free to call me personally. I have used the chest cooler (PolarCare) also so I had a good comparison. - Theresa S., Groton, CT.

The dvtPRO was an excellent tool in my recovery from knee surgery. The intensity and duration of my pain was reduced when I used the dvtPRO regularly. By controlling temperature at 49F, I was able to use it for longer periods than ice packs or heat would have allowed. The staff of Associated Medical was great! When my 2 weeks of use expired, I was able to negotiate for an additional week until I no longer needed the device. Thank you. -Martin H., Ledyard, CT.

The gentleman who came to show how the device worked was very kind and complete in his presentation. The device itself was amazing!! Compression helped so much to relieve the swelling which in turn I used less pain meds. That was a plus. It wasn’t really noisy as I thought it might be. The forty dollars was kind of a bummer to pay but it was understandable. It was worth it in the quick recovery from my second surgery as opposed to my first. Thank you for all you do. –Anonymous

The machine was heavy, needs to be redesigned. To fit the shoulders of various sizes. Marcus Simpson was very patient and understanding. He did his best to get the shoulder cover to fit and be comfortable. Marcus was very patient when explaining how the medical equipment worked. Angela L., Old Lyme, CT.
Added Note: In response – Angela endorsed the service but had some hesitation on the machine. As a very petite and somewhat more senior in years person, we were challenged to find the right fit on the wrap. Ultimately, we hope that the device did help Angela and her feedback regarding fit was incorporated for future shoulder patients.

I was very pleased with the performance of the equipment and how it sped my recovery from my surgery. You provided prompt and satisfactory service from beginning to end. Thank you. -David C., East Lyme, CT.

My overall experience with Associated Medical and the equipment was a very positive one. My recovery time was cut short significantly and my pain level kept to a minimum. Thank you! -Joy G., CT.

This device is wonderful! It greatly aided in my recovery by easing the extreme pain. I used it consistently for the four weeks and missed it last night. My only suggestion would be to invent a more portable unit. –Barbara P., Waterford CT.

I had doubt about the device when it was first offered to me but after my surgery it was as effective as the medication I was taking. The device also allowed me to take less medication which resulted in and at time eliminated the side effects associated with the medication. The cold compress temperature regulated capabilities of the dvtPRO enable me to simply press a button to change temperature or compression without getting up to change an ice pack or cleaning up melted ice. The device greatly aided my recovery and I will recommend the use of the device to anyone who has orthopedic surgery. –Andrew, CT.

Marcus was great. He was very attentive to my needs as well as concerned for proper efficiency for the device as he came after the initial in-service and showed me how to use the compression therapy. The compression was a huge part in pain control for the shoulder. There were several nights when I got up to use the cooling and compression for pain relief over meds. Personally, I hate being cold and did not sleep with it after the first 2 days but was woken up by severe pain and this system was great (at relieving the pain). Thank you. –Christina L., New London, CT.

My experience with Associated Medical was great. The dvtPRO cold compression device eased in my pain and kept my swelling down. -Deborah G., Middletown, CT.
I loved the machine! I helped me so much. I would use it nonstop and when the day finally came to give it up, I didn’t want to let it go. I wish I could have kept it. It helped so much with my recovery time and it was easy to use. It stayed the same temperature. It wasn’t too cold or too warm. I didn’t have to worry about putting it back in the freezer. I loved it. Thank you! -Rachael L., Norwich, CT.

Very easy to use. Need better coordination between medical staff and Associated Medical personnel. Associated gave ‘general’ terms and medical staff did not have any instruction. –Mark L., Groton, CT.
Added Note: Mark, this was corrected. We have solid materials, better communication and instruction now. Thank you!

The equipment was excellent in my recovery and managing my pain. I would love to use it again in such an event. The only change I would recommend would be to increase the size of the handle. It was very awkward to carry from room to room. Otherwise great machine. Thank you. –Jason J., CT.

The device was placed on my knee after my surgery and I continued using it for 5 days after I had no swelling. I believe the constant temperature aided in my not having to use pain meds after 6 days. I would recommend this product to anyone. -Lori G., CT.

My experience with Associated Medical was excellent. I received the highest level of service and care. The equipment was much easier for me to use (as compared to the unit that the hospital provided) and definitely helped in my recovery. Thank you very much! -Jessica H., Groton, CT.
Added Note: Jessica had both the hospital provided PolarCare and the dvtPRO and was thus able to compare them. She was one of the first cases provided at L&M Hospital.

Marcus was wonderful. My insurance didn’t cover it, but they made sure I had it. Thank you. Most people don’t care about patients. You did. –Tracey R., Niantic, CT.

The dvtPRO cold compression device was extremely helpful to my recovery. In the first 48 hours after my surgery, I experienced no pain. The quick disconnect were very easy to use and made getting up a very easy chore. The rep for the device was very helpful in answering my questions and very accommodating with the dropping off and picking up of the unit. Overall, a very positive experience. I would use again. Thank you very much! -Frederick K., CT.

Your representative was wonderful. He seemed to be sincerely concerned about my recovery. I believe he really does care about his patients. Thank you, Marcus. The nurses all appreciated the ease of use. They were amazed how simply they found in connecting and reconnecting the hoses. It is very quiet when in use. The shoulder part was so comfortable even fresh post-op. I found your equipment hastened the healing process and absolutely relieved the discomfort! -Barbara A., Groton, CT.

This device helped tremendously with my post-op pain management. After the initial pain from surgery subsided (2 days), the dvtPRO unit really made its impact felt in terms of soothing the joint and allowing me to cut back on the pain medication. Once I was able to cut back on the pain medication, my overall feeling of well-being increased. No more dizziness or stomach issues from the medication. Once I started PT I used the unit to soothe the joint a bit but was already at the point where I was only using it a few times a week. - Dennis L., North Haven, CT.

The device reduced swelling and pain very effectively. I only needed to take 5 pain pills as a result of using the system. I strongly endorse and recommend this system. - Diane E. B., Waterford, CT.

The group was fine to work with, a bit too much of a feeling of salesmen when we were already committed to the product. The device itself was convenient. I did find some moisture on my leg from the wrap. When I did use old fashioned ice bags it appeared and felt colder than the machine. It was difficult to unhook and plug in to move around on my own. As I ice now, I can feel the coldness whereas before I never felt my knee get cold. –Adam D., Hamden, CT 

Added Note: In response to Adam, we learned some lessons from his observations and have since improved on wetness/dryness, tight connectors, and cooling temperature. The machine is designed to only cool in the safe range of 43-50F. Adam did endorse the product at the end, and his comments helped us improve our service and product.

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