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Medcline™ is the only patented sleep-positioning device clinically proven to reduce nighttime acid reflux,or GERD, by incorporating the benefits of sleeping at an incline and on the left side. Its unique Cradle-Loc™design creates and maintains this ideal sleep position and prevents sliding down, providing at-home, on-demand nighttime acid reflux relief that is both effective and comfortable

Reflux Relief System
Medcline™ is a home-use sleep system clinically proven to reduce nocturnal acid reflux/GERD. Its patented Cradle-Loc™ technology features a unique arm pocket that creates and maintains an inclined, side sleeping position providing natural reflux relief, while protecting the esophagus from damaging esophageal acid.

At-Home Relief
Medcline™ is intended for home-use relief of nocturnal acid reflux. When placed on the bed, it measures30 inches wide, half the size of a queen-sized bed. Unlike raising the head of the bed with blocks or risers,Medcline™ does not disturb one's sleep mate. Also, the Cradle-Loc™ design maintains the ideal sleeping position without the risk of sliding down during the night.

On-Demand Usage
Medcline™ can be used at the beginning of the night, all night, every night or just when needed. Reflux occurs when stomach contents remain undigested. Once the stomach is empty, nothing remains to reflux.Some patients only need to use Medcline™ for the first few hours of the night, while others with more severe symptoms need it all night.

Clinically Proven
The development of Medcline™ in 2011 permitted the first ever studies that combined torso elevation with lateral positioning. A clinical trial conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina showed that when used on the left side, Medcline™ reduces esophageal acid exposure by 87% with a decrease in nighttime episodes overall, as compared to the traditional bed wedge1. Another clinical trial conducted byCleveland Clinic showed Medcline™ to reduce nocturnal acid reflux symptoms by 77% with patients also showing significant improvements across all health-related quality of life measures, after just two weeks o fuse2.

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