Less Risk of Infection

Faster than Sutures

Better Cosmetic Outcomes than Staples

Clinical Benefits

...vs. Suture, Glue and Staples

  • Faster - save 5-10 minutes per incision
  • No skin piercing, reduced SSI, needle stick risk
  • Designed to isolate wound from patient movement for reduced edema & faster healing
  • May eliminate staple removal visit
  • Improved cosmesis - no track marks
  • Comfortable - conforms to body

Economic Benefits

  • Save $538 in labor costs per procedure (OR time, staff, materials, cost of removal) vs. staples and glue
  • Reduced Surgical Site Infection (SSI) risk: $25,546 mean cost associated with a single incidence of SSI
  • Reduced Needle Stick Injury risk: $596 average treatment cost for staff needle stick injury

Device:     Rapid, non-invasive skin closure modality

Replaces:  Skin sutures, staples and glue

Practices:  Oncology, Orthopedic, Cardiology, Dermatology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, OB/GYN

Procedures:  Include pacemaker/ICD, total hip arthroplasty, spine, skin excision, laceration, total shoulder arthroplasty, total knee replacement

Incisions:  Zip™ 8 - up to 8cm (can be reduced in length                        down to 2cm)

                Zip™ 16 - up to 16cm (can be cut to 5 or 10cm)

Wear Duration: Up to 14 days (removed by peeling from                              skin)

Regulatory: FDA Class 1 Exempt device

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